Domain Names

Your domain name is your gateway to the Internet.  It is how people find your site and how search engines index you.  Contrary to what everyone is saying, all the good names are not taken.  While everyone would love to have that memorable one word name, those days are gone.  Or are they?

There are many TLD’s (Top Level Domains) still available and new ones are becoming available everyday.  With a little forethought and some ingenuity, you could create a memorable name for your business or website.  Right now here is a short list of some of the extensions Westerly Hosting has available for purchase – .com, .co, .info, .net, .me, .org, .biz, .mobi, .us, .ca, .cc, .la, .ws, .asia, & .tv.

There are many, many more and more coming on the scene everyday.  Of course if search engine marketing is going to be your main means of advertising, then a catchy name is less of a necessity.  Sometimes the longer and more descriptive the name, the better your results may be.  The point being, with domain names starting at $9/year, why not start a new venture?

We also offer domain transfers if you like.  If you registered your domain with another registrar and would like to move it to Westerly Hosting, we offer domain transfers as well.  With a domain transfer we off a free one year extension on your domain name as well!  After your transfer, you will have access to all of the products and services we offer – hosting, email, and more!

Click here to start you domain name search now!

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