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When we set out to create the Westerly Suite of products, we harnessed the power of free and low cost tools to build our project.  We tapped into the awesome power of Google to search for solutions to the problems we were facing.  Utilizing all of the information and tools available to us, we were able to launch our idea rapidly while saving a lot of money on development costs.

This is how the modern business environment works.  This information isn’t contained in books or libraries.  It is housed on the Internet in blogs, knowledgebases, and other entrepreneurs minds.  Luckily, has all of the tools and information you need to create and build your business — one step at a time.

Are you part of the Maker Movement?  Do you create products in your basement to sell on eBay and Etsy?  Have you created a product or design to improve your life that other people want?  Do you not know where to begin? has the solution you are looking for in this turbulent online world we have created.  We have created tools to empower you in turning your idea into a plan and implementing that plan into a reality!

Great products and prices don’t mean a thing if your Web store is complicated, confusing or looks unprofessional – your visitors will shop elsewhere. Our Dream Design Team® knows what it takes to succeed on the Web and will create an online store that’s perfect for your business. Plus, we continue to be your professional web designer and work with you to update your site even after your store is complete!

We have broken down how it works into to 3 easy steps:

  1. Share your vision
    • Give our staff the basics on your business and products via an online interview.
    • Provide examples of websites you like or don’t like (optional).
    • Choose your layout from 1,500+ professionally designed templates and color combinations (Standard plan).
    • Speak directly with your designer to discuss the layout of your store, header design, and other graphics (Deluxe plan).
    • Use our online Designer Manager tool to provide our design team with the images and words you want to use in your store.
    • Questions along the way? Just pick up the phone or send us an email.
  2. We go to work
    • After reviewing your information and samples, our expert design staff creates a store based on your instructions.
    • We add your text and images, as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags on every page to improve your store’s visibility on popular search engines.
    • Your store is ready for you to review in as little as two weeks after we’ve received your content for the Standard plan (four weeks for the Deluxe plan.)
    • Once you’ve approved your store, we send it through our 10-point quality control process and it goes live for the world to see!
    • If you selected the Custom Facebook® Page Design, we’ll walk you through the installation on your profile.
  3. Publish and promote
    • If you need to update the text or change an image in your store, just contact us. Each plan includes 30 minutes of updates per month to keep your site fresh and current.

Our standard plan starts at $100 per month.  We feel this allows you to spread the cost of the design process over the life of your store.  Also, this should be a good part of your exit strategy.  If you reach a point where the store is not living up to your expectations, you can cancel your plan and you would have only lost a small investment — as opposed to paying for your site design all up front.

As always, the monthly premium includes the following as well:

  • FREE Hosting: 50 GB disk space & 1,000 GB bandwidth — your site will have plenty of room to grow and you don’t have to worry about large media files eating up your space
  • FREE 1,000 email accounts — as you hire more employees, you can easily keep in touch with them.  Also, making your small business look like a large company is easy – create email addresses for different departments ie,,, etc
  • FREE Support — everyone needs tech support at some time!
  • Fast turnaround — you will have your website “live” and ready to increase you bottom line ASAP
  • 30 minutes of updates per month — when you just don’t have the time to make the updates yourself
  • Access to your site via an easy-to-use site editor — easily make updates yourself and save those precious profits for your marketing campaign
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • NO setup fees — why should you have to pay for choosing

As with any venture in life, education and research are your keys to having a successful project.  We have just scratched the surface in this post and invite you to research and learn more about this amazing service on our site.

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