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Over the years, businesses and other unscrupulous people have decided to abuse the awesome power of email.  These nefarious individuals flood our inbox’s with unsolicited email offers for Viagra and Russian brides.

To combat this problem, very powerful software tools were invented and implemented to keep our email safe.  While most of these tools run in the background on our email host’s computer, some basic steps can be taken to keep your inbox secure.

The first one is to get rid of gmail and hotmail!  Yes I said it.  I do not have a gmail address and I will never have one either (as of this writing, when you sign up for a Google account, you must also sign up for a gmail account – but that doesn’t mean you have to use it)!

While gmail and hotmail have brought email to the masses, they also attract the people who are looking to wreak havoc on our lives.

When Willie Sutton was captured by the FBI, a reporter asked him, “Hey Willie, why do you rob banks?”  To which he replied, “Because that is where the money is.”

Because that is where the money is.  It is estimated that gmail has close to 530 million active monthly users — that is a lot of money!

I’m not out to attacking gmail for their product or service.  Our concern is, how do you protect that amount of data being transmitted?  When you are that large a huge target is placed on your back and everybody wants a piece of you.

The solution…

Register your own domain name and create your own email address.  It’s that simple.  Find a domain name that works for you or your business and then setup your email address and that’s it!  Check your email anywhere in the world on any Internet connected device or computer!

The Westerly Hosting Team

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