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The next few posts we’ll discuss communication over the Internet — specifically email.

Email is a service that we all use on a daily basis to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, customers — well, practically anyone with an email address!  We use it so much that we often take it for granted.

Let’s take a moment and discuss your email address.  Most people on this planet have access to and use email on a daily basis, sending everything from a joke to a business proposal.  These emails are exchanged and the senders and receivers are added to each other’s address books.

In real life when you are exchanging email addresses, how difficult is it?  Is your email address easy to remember?  Is your domain name a reflection of your personality or your company?

There have been times in the past where someone has given me their email address only for me to throw it away immediately!  I was offered a job at a respected establishment and the owner told me to email my resume to him.  He wrote his email on the back of an old receipt, and to top it off, he was using Yahoo! for his business extension!  I threw that email address immediately.

This article is not intended to bash Yahoo! or any other email service provider.  We believe that your email address should be a reflection of you and your business.  That starts with a proper domain name.

Domain Names

Domain names are extremely important in today’s world.  They allow us mere humans to access the vast amount of data on the Internet very efficiently.  They help us convey our message to other people by letting them know to go to and find out more information about your business.

Your domain name is a complete and total reflection of you and your business.  If you are lucky enough to have obtained the exact domain name you wanted, then why are you not using it?

@Westerly Hosting, we have our powerful domain name search tools available so you can have that perfect domain name.

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