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We use this software extensively in all of our websites, because it gives us the flexibility we require and allows us to publish new content frequently.  This ability to easily publish new content is what makes the software so powerful.  Search engines love fresh content and the more articles you publish, the better chance you have of being listed on page 1 of Google.

This software has a huge community behind it, so finding technical help is as easy as doing a search on their website.  Developers from all over the world have created plugins to increase the functionality of the software as well.  So if you are trying to create a basic [def]blog[/def] or create a fully interactive site for your restaurant, store, spa, etc – WordPress is your solution!

Why WordPress?  The answer is simple.  It is 100% free!  That’s right, free.  It has an extremely low learning curve, wordpressbut if you prefer to have an online tutorial, we highly recommend Lynda.com.  Lynda.com is an online learning website that takes you step-by-step through all of the steps required to know the software.  You can view the course by clicking here.

Another invaluable resource is the official WordPress website located at WordPress.org.  Here you will find everything WordPress to help you build out your site.  A knowledgebase to help you with your problem, research different plugins, read about the beginning of WordPress, download the software, find different themes that will fit your idea, and much more!

Here at WesterlyHosting.com, we have added a great feature so you will be up-and-running in no time.  We have special hosting accounts dedicated to WordPress, and we have the software in our repository as well!

With the click of a button, you can install WordPress directly into your hosting account.  No downloading of software and no uploading/installing of software!  It really is as easy as point and click!

One of the many features of WordPress is its ability to be customized with 1000’s of different high quality themes.  Most of the themes have a free and a paid version, and the paid version is usually fairly inexpensive.  Some premium themes fetch prices of $75 – $100, and are well worth the investment.  The beauty of the themes is that they “lay” over your content.

While you are developing your site, you have the ability to test out different themes without changing your content!  It is as easy as deactivating the current theme, downloading a new theme (within your admin area of WordPress), and activating the new theme.  You also have the ability of previewing your site with the new them before activating it.  A handy tool while you are trying to find the perfect theme for your new site.

We highly recommend premium themes as they have teams of designers building new and exciting themes that are customizable as well.  These themes are beautifully designed and just look cool.  They can give a professional look to your site for a fraction of the cost of a custom web developer.  Click here to view the gorgeous themes of Studiopress.com.

For those of you who need to have complete control over your site, you have the ability to download your WordPress site and tweak the code.  The code is completely [def]open-source[/def], so you have the ability to change the layout down to the pixel if need be.  This feature is recommended for advanced users, as you could potentially “break” your site.

We highly encourage you to build your own site as it is rewarding and cost effective.  The days of the high priced web developer are not over, they still do serve a purpose.  If you are just starting out on the Internet, or are a seasoned pro, WordPress and our WordPress hosting are the solutions for you.

To view our packages and pricing, click here now!  You can find out more on our WordPress hosting page by clicking here.

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